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At Central Coast Bride, we are dedicated to giving back to our local, regional and world community in a variety of ways. Read here about our Ongoing commitment to Luvia Colo Ajquijay, a beautiful 10 year old Guatemalan girl for whom we provide some basic needs. As well as donations made to additional needy and very deserving people near and far.

To date, our donations have been relatively modest. But as Central Coast Bride grows, we hope to continue growing our charitable arm as well. If you know of a good cause, feel free to submit an idea for giving to our offices. Below is a summary of charitable programs in which we have participated.

Local Giving

  • 2007 Cal Poly Rec Department Scholarship - Central Coast Bride donated a check for $500 to a student in financial need in the Event Management concentration of the Recreation Department. The Cal Poly Recreation Department does a great job of educating high quality students. Many of these students focus their studies in the Event Management area, providing our industry in the Central Coast with a steady supply of well qualified employees. Cal Poly is located in San Luis Obispo.
  • 2008 San Luis Obispo County Feline Network - At Central Coast Bride's Spring 2008 Bridal Show in San Luis Obispo, we provided the Feline Network with a free booth from which to distribute their information, helping to get the word out about their wonderful services. They brought along two of their older "less adoptable" cats to the show. One of our Brides was in the market for a cat, fell in love with one of these cute guys and one of these less adoptable kitties a home. The SLO Feline Network is an all volunteer group with programs for low-cost spay/neutering. They house their homeless cats with adoptive owners until they are adopted into permanent homes. They are a no-kill group.

Regional Giving

  • 2007 California Fire victims - In the particularly bad 2007 fire season, Central Coast Bride donated 12 new blankets to the victims. Meathead Movers organized the donation drive (requesting specific most-needed items) and also collected and transported the donations to the areas most in need. While we were in line to drop off our donation, we met up with 2 of our Advertisers waiting in the same line to drop off their donations. What a great profession!

National Giving

  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina - Our staff are all lovers of great music and great food. So when New Orleans was hit with such devestating results by Hurricane Katrina, we worked with others in the Central Coast to provide financial support to specifically help the dislocated Musicians of that great city.

International Giving

  • 2003 to Present - Being a company run in a large part by women, we recognize that there are some particular struggles that females have to face in the world. And for women in developing countries, these struggles are multiplied many times over. With this in mind, we decided to 'adopt' a little girl in a small village in Guatemala through a monthly program with Children International. Our child is Luvia Colo Ajquijay, a beautiful 10 year old Guatemalan girl for whom we provide some basic needs, access to education and books, and hopefully a bright future with big horizons.
  • 2004 Indonesian Tsunami - The damage of the Tsunami was devastating. We donated money to a local group who pooled money to buy a fisherman a boat to replace the one he lost.