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About Central Coast Bride

About Central Coast Bride

Central Coast Bride provides a three pronged approach to helping Central Coast Brides with the planning of their Central Coast weddings: 

  • Central Coast Bride Magazine
  • Central Coast Bride Website
  • Central Coast Bridal Shows

With Central Coast Bride’s wedding planning tools, Brides now have easy access to everything they need to save loads of time and stress. On CentralCoastBride.com we have created lots of easy to use functions to help in wedding planning:

  • An easy searching search to painlessly find local Wedding Venues and Services,
  • Lots useful functions in the Planning Tools Tab: Articles explaining how to plan every aspect of the wedding and reception and honeymoon, Worksheets to help you summarize and organize all of your data, Timelines & Checklists to enusre you are thinking about everything that needs to get done, Gallery, What's Hot, Newsletter.
  • Solicit information from local Vendors using One-Click,
  • Info from & about other local Brides in the Community Tab: a Forum where you can share with other Brides, and tons of photos from other local Brides in our Real Weddings section.

Most of our Website tools are also available in our beautiful compact Magazine. Then, for a personal up-close afternoon where you can personally meet with more than 100 Wedding Vendors at a single location, we have our Bridal Shows. What a great way to shop – a Wedding Mall where you can save time, gas and stress. We currently offer Santa Cruz Bridal Shows, Monterey Bridal Shows and San Luis Obispo Bridal Shows.

So whether you want to plan your wedding online or in person, you have easy tools at hand. Whether you want a Cambria Wedding or a Ventura Wedding, a Santa Barbara Wedding or a Monterey Wedding, a Carmel Wedding or a Paso Robles Wedding, Central Coast Bride has everything you need to ensure your perfect wedding is easy!

Central Coast Bride strives to use local goods and services for all of our Magazine, Website and Bridal Show needs.