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Wedding Planning Articles

Wedding Planning Articles

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Central Coast Wedding Planning

Who said planning your Central Coast Wedding would be easy?  We did!

Planning a wedding is a task with which most Brides have little to no previous experience. As a result, it may at first seem totally overwhelming! But as with any complex project, the key is to get Educated and get Organized.

The following Wedding Planning Articles are your best resource in beginning to plan your Central Coast Wedding with as little stressing out as possible. Remember that the more you know about what goes into every aspect of a wedding & reception, the better decisions you will make.

We know that you have likely attended a number of weddings so it seems that you would easily know what to consider in planning all of the details of your own wedding. The problem here is that at the weddings you attended, you were not evaluating all of the details with the critical eye of a planner. So you now need to shift gears and start thinking like a Project Manager.

You can plan the wedding, reception and honeymoon of your dreams! Simply click on the following links to begin your education!  -Central Coast Bride

First Things First

First Things First ...."How to get started"
So you've made the commitment and you're getting married. Now what? Basically you are now the Chief Coordinator for the largest most upscale party you will ever host. Unfortunately, you have likely never hosted a large upscale party before! So your Preliminary Tasks are to: ... [more]

Bridal Shows

Bridal Shows ....""wedding malls" featuring one-stop shopping"
Bridal Shows are a great place to begin or continue your wedding planning research. Here you can meet, compare and screen all of the wedding professionals who will play a part in your celebration. Most Bridal Fairs run from 11 to 3 or 12 to 4 and generally have between 40 an... [more]

Online Wedding Planning

Online Wedding Planning ...."it's all online"
That’s’s all online! Every thing contained in our Central Coast Bride wedding planning Magazine is also available here on our website. In fact, our website provides additional planning tools that just aren’t as useful in a hard copy format. Pla... [more]

Ceremony & Reception

Ceremony & Reception ...."your moment in the spotlight"
Choosing Your Location The main items to consider in selecting your wedding ceremony and wedding reception site (or sites) are any date restrictions, your wedding style and size, site availability, site attributes, and cost. Date Restrictions. There are some special p... [more]


Catering ...."the wedding banquet"
Most wedding banquets are prepared and served by a professional caterer. Professional Wedding Catering requires a significant amount of planning, preparation, serving, clean up time, and food and rental costs. This is the wedding task that, if you do it yourself, will most i... [more]


Photography ...."Capturing your memories"
You will have many wonderful memories of your wedding day - a special laugh with your grandmother, the feel of your flower girl's hand in yours, the scent of your father's cologne as he kisses your cheek at the altar. All of your wedding memories will be cherished in your mi... [more]


Videography ...."Really re-live the moment"
Many people think of a wedding video like an old home movie we have all seen, and so don't give wedding videography much thought. Wrong! When you hire a quality professional wedding videographer, you are hiring someone with many of the same skills as those required to produc... [more]


Coordinators ...."the wedding producer"
There are two main reasons for hiring a Wedding Consultant or Coordinator: 1) You do not have the time to plan each of the numerous elements of the event or 2) You do not have the expertise to plan such a large complex party. We no longer live in the pre WWII era where w... [more]


Cakes ...."Centerpiece of the reception"
The Wedding Cake is indeed the centerpiece of the Wedding Reception. If you have not attended a wedding lately, you may not realize how popular the Wedding Cake has become! If possible, provide your guests with a 360-degree view of the cake and the cutting. Your guests will ... [more]

Flowers & Decorations

Flowers & Decorations ...."The visual feast"
For your wedding day, you wil likely want a variety of stunning floral designs that echo your chosen colors and style of wedding. Luckily, you are getting married in the California Central Coast where, due to our near perfect weather, and abundance of very fresh flowers... [more]


Music ...."heart of the celebration"
Your wedding and reception music truly is the heart of your celebration. How odd and empty many moments of your wedding celebrations would seem without music. Music creates atmosphere, heightens emotions, fills awkward silences, and lifts our heels in dance. What better plac... [more]


Invitations ...."Setting the tone"
The style of your wedding invitation is the first indication of the tone of the wedding that your invited guests will see. Your invitation's style should generally reflect the style of your wedding. For a formal traditional wedding, a formal traditional invitation is appropr... [more]


Rentals ...."Dress up your celebration"
OK, so you've scheduled your wedding and receptions site, contracted the caterer, and lined up your florist. You've chosen your colors and the style of your party: garden or ballroom, traditional or themed, formal or casual. As far as the setting for your wedding goes, its t... [more]

Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories

Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories ...."That special look"
Finding the wedding gown, accessories, and jewelry for your wedding ensemble doesn't have to be difficult! The Central Coast has many great Bridal Shops that have all the latest fashions in wedding gowns and bridesmaid's dresses. These Bridal Shops pride themselves on their ... [more]

Beauty, Health & Pampering

Beauty, Health & Pampering ...."looking & feeling your best"
On your wedding day, you want to look your very best. For some women, looking like a star can be accomplished as simply as having her hair and make up completed by a professional. Most of us, however, need a little more help than that! And what better time in your life to pa... [more]

Ministers & Officiants

Ministers & Officiants ...."The most integral wedding player"
A Wedding Officiant is a state licensed person who presides over a wedding ceremony. The main requirement for a wedding to occur is for a couple to stand before an Officiant and participate in a brief exchange of information. This person serves in the same function as a Wedd... [more]

Marriage License

Marriage License ....""
Types of Marriage Licenses You will need to obtain a Marriage License in order to marry in California. There are two types of Marriage Licenses available in SLO and Santa Barbara Counties: a Standard or a Confidential Marriage License. The main difference between these i... [more]

Special Services

Special Services ...."That extra touch"
Most wedding receptions will have a DJ or live music to provide background ambience and to entertain the guests. But think back to the truly memorable wedding receptions that you have attended. Can you pinpoint what it was that made these occasions so special? Odds are, it w... [more]

Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry ...."Add Sparkle To Your Radiance"
The wedding ring is the most powerful symbol of the marriage union. As is the love between the bride and groom, the wedding ring is continuous, never-ending, without beginning or end. The ring’s composition is also symbolic. Wedding rings are generally made of nearly i... [more]

Bouquet & Gown Preservation

Bouquet & Gown Preservation ...."Creating Heirlooms"
Your wedding bouquet and gown were truly breathtaking. The beauty of your gown and bouquet will fade over time, right? Well, not necessarialy. Bouquet Preservation The process of freeze drying flowers has been perfected so that it is now easy and cost effective to preserve... [more]


Transportation ...."Your carriage awaits"
Wedding day transportation is not simply about getting from Point A to Point B. You want to have some fun, express yourself and leave details to others. A great ride can also yield photo opportunities, a victory lap around town, and a great entrance and/or exit. Plus, it nev... [more]

Wineries & Beverage Service

Wineries & Beverage Service ...."Toasting the bride"
What wedding would be complete without at least a few toasts to the happy couple? Even if you choose not to serve any alcohol at your reception, make a point of having sparkling cider on hand for toasting. And if serving alcohol, be sure to provide a selection of beverages f... [more]

Bridal Registry

Bridal Registry ...."Pre-select your gifts"
Your wedding guests want to find a special, useful, and memorable gift for you. But like most of us, they could really use a little help in understanding what you would consider special, useful, and memorable. So do yourself and your invitees a big favor - set up your weddin... [more]

Honeymoon & Travel

Honeymoon & Travel ...."Let the romance begin"
Your honeymoon is about so much more than simply choosing a destination. It’s also about the overall style of trip you want. Pampered luxury, a wooded cabin, a cultural trip? With your Groom, determine what kind of trip you want your honeymoon to be. Once decided, you ... [more]

The Final Details

The Final Details ...."Wrapping it up"
The Rehearsal Don't think of your wedding rehearsal as a one hour annoyance you must get through prior to getting to your rehearsal dinner. If you want your wedding ceremony to unfold beautifully without any hiccups (and we know you do), ensure that your rehearsal is taken ... [more]

Your Future Together

Your Future Together ...."A new beginning"
It's difficult to imagine now, but there will come a time when your wedding and reception will have been successfully completed. All of the parties will be over. You will have experienced that incredible honeymoon you've dreamed of for years. You will have even completed wri... [more]