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Wedding Planning Timelines & Checklists

Wedding Planning Timelines & Checklists

Wedding Timelines, Wedding Checklists From Central Coast Bride

Wedding Timelines, Wedding Checklists

Planning your perfect wedding can be easy when you get everything organized. Other than using Wedding Planning Worksheets, two other essential planning tools for your wedding are Timelines and Checklists.

Central Coast Bride has created the following easy to use Wedding Timelines and Wedding Checklists for your Central Coast Wedding. We suggest that you download each of these to your computer, saving them into an electronic Wedding Folder.

You should also file the printed versions of your Checklists and Timelines behind the appropriate tabs in your hard-copy Wedding Folder, your 3-ring Wedding Binder. See our First Things First article for more information on creating your Wedding Binder.  -Central Coast Bride.

Overall Planning Timeline

Overall Planning Timeline ...."what to do when"
The best way to keep your wedding planning on time and stress-free is to set up a schedule....your overall Wedding Planning Timeline. Our overall timeline is mainly a guideline to help you to think about all possible tasks that may need to be addressed to pull off a great we... [more]

Emergency Kit Checklist for the Wedding Day ...."want for nothing on your wedding day"
Wedding Day Emergency Kit is really a misnomer. The well prepared Bride doesn't have emergencies. She has planned everything and this is really a Supply Kit for the Wedding Day. To build your Supply Kit, simply download our Supply Kit Checklist, which spells out all of the i... [more]

Name & Address Change Checklist ...."cover all the bases"
Once you are married, your work is not yet finished. In addition to getting out your Thank You Notes, you will also need to take care of some personal recordkeeping if you are Changing Your Name, Changing Your Address, or both. Devote an afternoon to getting this not-so-fun... [more]

Flowers Checklist ...."organize all of your decor"
You will be working with your Florist for your Ceremony, Reception and Personal floral needs. To help you to determine where you will be using flowers in your overall wedding, we have generated this Wedding Flower Checklist. Simply print the Checklist, check off each of the... [more]

Photography Checklist ...."getting it all in focus"
You will want your photographer to capture a mix of formal portraits and candid photos from your wedding. Your photographer will likely be able to recommend a list of possible formal portrait options.  Our Photography Checklist has been generated for a couple of reasons: 1)... [more]

Reception Timeline ...."foundation of your reception planning"
This timeline is an overall timeline for your reception. Your Photographer will likely also have a detailed photography timeline, your Caterer will have a food timeline, and your Music Vendor will have a music timeline for the reception. But these more detailed timelines c... [more]