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Wedding Planning Worksheets

Wedding Planning Worksheets

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Planning your perfect Central Coast Wedding can be easy when you get everything organized. What is an easy quick way to get organized? We believe that Wedding Planning Worksheets work wonders with organizing wedding details.

Central Coast Bride has created the following six easy to use Wedding Worksheets for your Central Coast Wedding.  We suggest that you download each worksheet to your computer, enter your wedding details and then save them into an electronic Wedding Folder that you have created for all of your wedding information (if you haven't started an electronic Wedding Folder yet, please do so and start using it ASAP).

In addition to an electronic Wedding Folder where all of your wedding information is stored on your computer, it is very helpful if you print these worksheets out and file the physical worksheet behind the appropriate tabs in your real world Wedding Folder, your 3-ring Wedding Binder. See our First Things First article for more information on creating your Wedding Binder. -Central Coast Bride

Wedding Costs by Category

Wedding Costs by Category ...."how much to allocate to each item"
Let's say you have $20,000 to spend on your whole wedding. How much of this overall Wedding Budget should you spend for your Wededing Location? How much for the Catering? What about Flowers? If you are like most Brides, you have no idea of where to start. For Central Coast W... [more]

Wedding Budget Worksheet

Wedding Budget Worksheet ...."staying on track"
Wedding Budget Worksheet - Use our handy downloadable Budget Worksheet to establish your wedding budget and then, to keep it on track. This worksheet is in an Excel format, so if you don't have Excel, or a compatable program, on your computer you won't be able to download... [more]

Ceremony & Reception Site Selection Worksheet

Ceremony & Reception Site Selection Worksheet ...."finding your perfect venue"
Once you've decided to marry, one of the first tasks at hand is to determine where you will have your Ceremony and Reception. There are many details to consiter in evaluating the Wedding and Reception venues available to you. First you need to know if you want your wedding ... [more]

Wedding Vendor Summary

Wedding Vendor Summary ...."your team at a glance"
Implementation of your wedding requires the expert help provided by a number of Professional Wedding Vendors, from the Location of your wedding, to your Florist and your Officiant. For each of these Vendors, you will need to keep track of phone numbers, payment details, d... [more]

Wedding Events Summary

Wedding Events Summary ...."what, where, when"
In addition to your wedding Ceremony and Reception, you will likley have a number of Wedding-Related Events to plan. Possible additional events include an Engagement Party, Bridal Shower(s), Bachelorette Party, Bachelor Party, Bridesmaid's Luncheon, Wedding Rehearsal and a ... [more]

Groom Attire Worksheet ...."help them get it together"
The Groom and Groomsmen's attire should complement that of the Bride. Formal, casual, themed, etc.  While the Groom and his Groomsmen will be handling all aspects of selecting, ordering, picking up and returning their wedding attire, you can be a world of help to them by si... [more]

Bridal Attire Worksheet ...."perfect gowns made easy"
Shopping for that perfect wedding gown brings a lot of Brides a lot of joy. But, there is more to think about other than how wonderfully that perfect gown complements your body. For your wedding ensemble and that of your bridesmaids, you will need to keep track of the detail... [more]

Wedding Party Information ...."easy access to your girls"
The people that you and your Groom have selected for your Wedding Party will be a great source of help and support to you throughout the wedding planning process and, of course, at the wedding itself. Use this helpful Wedding Party Worksheet to help you easily reference thei... [more]

Guest List Worksheet ...."has cousin Frank RSVPed yet?"
This Guest List Worksheet is designed to be used once you have finalized your list of invitees to your wedding. Make as many copies of this worksheet as you need for your total number of invited guests (each page holds 6 guests/families). You will send out all of your Save-T... [more]

Assignments - Wedding Day ...."who is doing what & when"
On your wedding day, you will be busy dressing, taking photos, visiting with guests, and so on. You will not be able to take care of many of the tasks that you have planned. You have been the Project Manager in all of the wedding planning. But on the wedding day, you cannot ... [more]

Music Worksheet ...."which genre, which songs"
Our Music Worksheet has been generated for a couple of reasons: 1) to give you a list of different elements of your Ceremony & Reception where a special song may be called for and 2) to help get you thinking about these kinds of music details. In case you want to complet... [more]